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Lake Island Rifle & Pistol Club
900 Match

"900" Centerfire Match

The Lake Island "900" Centerfire Match takes place on the second Friday of most months at 7pm, weather permitting. We may cancel July or August if the temperatures are too hot in the range.

All centerfire shooters are welcome, so get out your .38 or .45. If you really feel lucky, bring your 9mm. We also welcome .22 shooters.

For those who are unfamiliar with how bullseye matches work and would like to learn, come join us to shoot or just watch. You will need 90 rounds for the course of fire. Of course, it also helps to have a few extra rounds for alibis. We shoot 30 rounds of slow fire (10 rounds in 10 minutes), 30 rounds of timed fire (two 5 shot strings, 20 seconds per string) and 30 rounds of rapid fire (two five shot strings, 10 seconds per string).

Score Card

This is a friendly and low key match, as long as you handle your firearm safely, there is really nothing you can do wrong. Afterward we all chip in and send out for some pizza, talk about shooting and swap stories. This is an excellent introduction to bullseye competition and a great way to learn techniques that work for other shooters and pick up some pointers to improve your own shooting. All Lake Island members are welcome as are members of other NJ shooting clubs.

Lake Island is always looking for people to "call the line", that is, to call the range commands and otherwise run a match while everyone else is shooting. For those of you who are not afraid of a microphone, this would be a great way of taking care of some of your work hours. It's really very easy and we can provide a script to start you off. If you are interested, please give me a call and I can arrange for some training.

Contact: Robin Fox (732) 396-3395
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