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Tuesday Night at South River Pistol Club (Summer)

Starting Tuesday May 1st, thru September 25th. the Raritan Valley Pistol League (RVPL) will be starting the summer season at South River Pistol Club in South River NJ. Course of fire is 30 shots, 10 each of slow, timed and rapid fire. The practice sessions are May 1st and 8th. The first relay for record is May 15. Bullseye shooters from any club are invited to compete in this .22 pistol league comprised of as many National Match relays as they care to shoot in the 20-week duration of the regular season.

Significantly different from shooting indoors at Lake Island, we shoot outdoors at South River for the summer season. Shooting night is Tuesday, starting at 5:30pm and ending when the last shooter says "enough" or there isn't enough sunlight to shoot by, whichever comes first. The commands are expertly given by members of the host club. Bring some DEET, as the mosquitos and "no see-ums" can get really vicious. As a special treat, Bill Nolan provides some of the most delicious cookies that have ever come out of a bakery, to ensure that we maintain sufficient stamina to compete.

The National Match Course, also known as the National Match Short Course or Gallery Match, is made up of 30 rounds. This course of fire is one of the most basic competition matches.

The first phase of the match is 10 rounds to be shot in 6 minutes using a slow fire target.

The second phase is timed fire where there are two 5-shot strings and each string is 20 seconds long, but this time using a timed/rapid fire target.

The final rapid fire phase is two 5-shot strings, each string being 10 seconds long. WHAT???!! Five shots in ten seconds? Believe me, it's a lot easier than you might think.

The cost of the league is $25 per season and that includes a participation award. The award can be a t-shirt, hat, cleaning kit or some other useful item. And, of course, we are always available to talk about our shooting experiences, which is the best equipment to use, suggest tips and tricks to increase accuracy or discuss politics.

This a terrific way to expose yourself to competition in a very low stress way.

Contact: Robin Fox (732) 396-3395 for additional information.

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