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Lake Island Rifle & Pistol Club
2 Position Rifle

Thursday Night Rifle at Lake Island

Thursday nights from 7:00pm to 9:30pm is Lake Island’s senior .22 rimfire rifle position night. Members are welcome to fire from the 50 foot range. Wednesdays (Junior Rifle) and Thursdays (Senior Rifle) are the only times the club allows firing at the 50 foot line. Otherwise all other shooting, rifle or pistol, is to be fired from the 75 foot line pistol ports.

The purpose of this night is to allow senior smallbore rifle club members practice time to fine tune their .22 bullseye shooting. Firing is from the 50 foot line for approved indoor NRA competitions. Below is a copy of the target used for indoor competition (NRA A-50 target). Next to the full target is an enlargement of one of the bullseyes. And yes, that “dot” in the middle is the 10 ring. To make things even tougher, a shot just touching the “dot” does not give you a ten score. The shot must be closer to center of the bull than that to get a ten score. Outside ring scoring plug is needed to determine how “centered” the shot is in the bull to get the ten score. Needless to say, smallbore rifle is a game of extreme precision.

The NRA course of fire for indoor smallbore three (3) position is as follows: first Prone position, second is the Standing position, and the last position shot is kneeling. Examples of these three (3) positions and the equipment needed to shoot them efficiently is shown below:

Although the club does not have the level of equipment shown in these pictures, the club does have all of the fundamental equipment a beginner member would need to shoot each of these positions. The club also has a number of junior shooting coaches that can help a senior club member obtain the higher end equipment if the “shooting bug” hits.

Also note for those high power shooters in the club, smallbore shooting is an excellent practice regiment for high power rifle during the winter months. If a senior club member is interested, they should stop by the club on Wednesday after 7:00pm and talk to the junior club coaching staff to learn more about Thursday night shooting. This will help free up Thursdays to allow coaches their time to work on their own position improvements. For more information about NRA smallbore rifle and competitions can be found at: Smallbore Rifle Competition

Contact: Tony Gallo (732) 874-3192